Questions about safety can be found on a seperate safety-page.

FAQ & Notices

How can I reach the team?

Depending on what you want to achieve, here are the best ways to reach out.

  • Get a post removed: Fill in the Take-Down Form or click the flag on the post page.
  • Report a user that is harrassing you or posting non consensual material: Flag the posts and message the safety-account.
  • Share an idea about how to make the site better: Fill in the Feedback form.
  • General questions and inquiries: Mail [email protected].

What is and what isn't allowed on this website?

Good posts

  • Posts showing pictures of yourself; or
  • Posts showing pictures of someone that gave you consent to share those online; or
  • Reposts of previous posts on this website that had downloads enabled,
  • That are (at least) according to the following principles:
    • The person in the picture is of age (18+ in most jurisdications), now and when the picture was taken
    • The person in the picture is a male or transgender person
    • The picture does not contain scat or blood; racist, harrassing or pedophilic terms, symbols or signaling*;

* There is some leeway for a (self)-humiliation fetish, but be aware that it makes your post at risk for being removed.

Bad posts

  • Posts containing women, especially in various state of undress or with contact information
  • Posts containing underage individuals, dressed or otherwise
  • Posts containing scat, blood
  • Posts containing terms like pedo, the N-word, Nazi-symbols and any other similar symbols, terminology or signaling
  • Posts that aren't about exposure. E.g. text or illustrations (especially as first picture), spam, instagram screenshots...
  • Posts looking to bait someone who did not give consent to this type of action
  • Images that you found elsewhere on the internet, that did not give any consent directly to you or by an explicit public statement to (re)share them

Why can't we expose pedo's? Don't they deserve it?

Two things of note. One: this site is NOT A REVENGE PORN SITE. It is solely meant for people into a consensual exposure fetish. Two: posts describing someone as a pedophile could be signaling to other pedophiles to reach out and share underage material. We absolutely do not want to be a vessel for this kind of behaviour.

Why is my post taken down?

If your post got taken down, and you don't think you broke any rules, it probably got reported by someone in it, who doesn't want to be online anymore. Even though you're allowed to (re)post pictures of people who consented, when someone changes their mind, consent can be revoked. If this happens, no other actions other than the removal of this post are taken. You don't need to worry for a three-strike type of offense system or a (temporary) ban. That only happens when you break any of the rules.

Why ISN'T a post I reported taken down?

When we notice someone reporting a post that is a direct repost of something they posted themselves, often with the caption "quick risk" or "repost challenge", our admins have discretionary authority to deny a take-down request, even if it is you in this picture. We usually will not do this for a 'first time offence'. But when we notice a post and report history of repeatedly similar behavior, your report might be pushed to the back of the pile or even denied.

If your report is about someone else, because you believe, for example, that the post contains a woman or an underage person, the report might be denied if we have a strong foundational belief that the post in question is not breaking any rules. Tricky cases get discussed by the entire team for a consensus decision.

What if I regret posting on here?

First of all, if you're not sure whether you'll still be into this after the horniness wears off: do not enable downloads and do not disable delete. These are specific functionalities that are here for your protection. By choosing actively not to use them, you're waiving quite a bit of your rights.

However, if you made a mistake and regret your choices, here's what you do.

  • Fill in the Take-Down Form for your own posts that have delete disabled AND for any reposts that you would like to no longer have around.
  • Be honest in your request. We can see your post history and report history. If an admin spots lies in your report, he will be all the more motivated not to follow through on your request.
  • Wait for an admin to take appropriate action. You've given up your own tools to deal with your regret, so now you'll have to wait and hope for the best.

Who manages this site?

This entire site is run by a volunteer team of moderators, admins and developers. We have an amazing but small team of people who put a lot of work and time into keeping this whole endeavour as safe and fun as possible for you.

This also sometimes means patience runs thin on repeat offenders or people breaking the rules. Our moderators have the right to reach out in individual capacity, so don't act surprised when you get a thorough scolding if you break the rules. The only official communication, however, happens through the channels mentioned at the top of this page. If you think someone is impersonating a moderator, reach out to the safety-account.

This also means we count on you, our community, to report posts that are breaking the rules. Get familiar with the little flag icon underneath the pictures. We need your help to keep this place safe.