At exxxpose.me, we take your safety very serious. That's why we wanted to give a few short tips, on what to do if you're worried about your safety. This is supposed to be a fun place, and we expect consensual behaviour from all users. But sometimes, things happen.

What can I do if I've found my pictures on here, that have been uploaded against my will?

At the very least, click on the little flag icon, right underneath the pictures of you. That way you can send us a report and we can take those pictures down.

Be exact, truthful and precise in your report. There is no need to exaggerate or go into long tales. We remove almost all posts that are considered unconsensual. If you really think we need some extra evidence, you can add screenshots or attachments to the report form.

What can I do if a user is harrassing me, via comments or messages or elsewhere?

When you report a post, make sure to mention if something else is happening. Maybe you're being blackmailed against your will? Maybe you're being doxxed? It's all valuable information, that'll help us decide to take appropriate action. We can block certain IP-addresses or user accounts, for example. In very serious cases, we can also provide upload logs to law enforcement. These contain an IP-address and a timestamp, which allows an Internet Service Provider or (sometimes) a VPN-provider to identify their customers. We can only send logs to legitimate requests, directly from law enforcement, due to people's (even bad people's) privacy rights.

What can I do if I find my pictures on Google, and I don't want this?

This is a public website. That means some information, for example of the homepage, can end up on Google, even if you've turned off Google Indexation on your specific post. There's two steps to take, if you want to take it off. First: make sure it's no longer online on exxxpose.me. Click the 'delete'-link in your profile, or report the post to have it taken offline. Once it's gone, go to the Google Remove Outdated Content-tool. Paste all offending URL's according to the format they prescribe. In general, they respond best to links directly to the image file (e.g. if the url ends on .jpg). It can take over 24 hours for Google to abide your request, but in general they will remove content that is no longer online.

Do you have any other concerns or questions about your safety?

Please send a direct message to our safety-account.